How I Keep Notes About My Laravel Projects:

In my day to day work, I find myself jotting things down about the project I'm working on constantly. Points I need to make at an upcoming meeting, a plan for completing a task, a list of areas of technical debt in the app.

I end up with notes scattered between pieces of paper on my desk, Evernote, Bear, Wunderlist, you name it.

Although I think Wunderlist and Bear are awesome, I needed a place to hold more fleeting thoughts about my specific Laravel projects. Here's what I came up with:



It's simple, create a file in your project's root, just like you do for Now you have a place to throw down thoughts, notes, todos, ideas, etc... I consider it a waiting room. I start by jotting things in my file, then I either delete it when I no longer need it or move it to something more permanent/appropriate like Bear, Wunderlist, Jira, email?

But what about version control?

Because these notes are personal and don't belong in a repository, we need to gitignore them. The easiest thing to do is add it to your project's .gitignore file. Doing this for every project would get old - turns out you can ignore files in git globally.

  1. Create a file at: ~/.gitignore_global
  2. Add to the first line
  3. Run: git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore_global

There ya go, now you can scratch away in your new file. Enjoy!